Free Timesheet System?

Yes! Project Office Live is a fully featured cloud timesheet system for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows devices, for free.

We know what you are thinking. Free, how good can it be? But don’t be fooled by the price tag, Project Office Live is fantastic, it’s just more modern than the other systems you are thinking of.

Google, Facebook, Skype and most of the Apps on your phone are free. Why isn’t your timesheet free too?

Well now it is. Read on.

Familiar, Easy to use

Familiar Office design means users already ‘know’ the system & will be entering timesheets in seconds.

Supports All Devices

The Project Office Live Timesheet supports PCs, Macs, iPhone, iPad & Android.

Outlook Plugin

Turns Outlook into a timesheet system. Runs inside Outlook so you can post appointments to your timesheet

Timesheet Entry

The Office style Tab and Ribbon menu means anyone familiar with MS-Office on PC or Mac is instantly at home with Project Office Live.
From the timesheet status,users receive alerts of late timesheets, details of vacation time taken, remaining and scheduled.
Future workload summarizes upcoming items in the user’s calendar and their current availability.
Where project tasks are used, this area summarizes work commitments and highlights issues. The bar represents %age complete and the color indicates completion likelihood based on current availability: green means the task can be completed on time, orange means availability is tight and completion on-time is at risk, red means that at current availability, the task cannot be completed on time.
Displays the current utilization stats for last month and the year to date for this employee.
Navigating the timesheet is easy. Users can go back or forth by week, jump to last entered, last completed, the current week, or a specific date.
From the traditional timesheet grid, users can enter new time lines, import from their calendar, copy last weeks assignments, choose from an auto generated ‘commonly used projects’ list, browse projects by customer or name.
The red background highlights days that do not meet minium requirements. The highlight color is also used in the mobile timesheet.
The intuitive mobile timesheet (phone & tablet) combines reporting and data entry together. Swipe left and right to see various weeks, tap on a day to review or add time, tap add to add a timeline. It’s so easy.
The mobile dashboard summarizes days complete in a week, hours entered and %age complete so that everyone knows exactly what the need to do.
If you enable Expenses, users can also enter expenses from their phone, tablet or PC.

Manager Approval

Allows for review and approval of timesheet to increase accuracy.

Save Time

Multiple time saving features, typically save users 4 hours a week. That’s like adding 10% more staff for free.

Powerful Reporting & Alerts

Project Office Live comes with powerful reports, excel exports, even auto alerts for late timesheet offenders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you enter timesheets on a mobile phone? PC, Mac or Tablet?

Yes, Project Office Live is 100% browser based, so it runs on all devices including: Macs, iPad & iPhone as well as Windows and Android devices.

We'd like to record time through Outlook, can it do this?

There is an Outlook plugin that runs within Outlook and allows users to allocate Customer & Project details to appointments and emails, then post them to their timesheet.

(the outlook plugin is only available for Windows as the Mac, phone and tablet versions of Outlook do not support plugins)

Can I limit which projects users can book time to?

Yes you can. Administrators can control which employees can work on which projects as well as any sub levels that apply to that project.

Can we set minimum hours per day or week?

Yes, you can control these globally, and on a person by person basis. If you set minimum hours by day for a user, the background color of timesheet days are shaded red until the minimum for that day is met.

Can it tie in with our accounts software?

Yes, if your system supports CSV data import you can export data from reports.

Some systems have specific data exchange formats or interface mechanisms which require a specific interface module. We work with partners to create seamless interfaces for certain systems including QuickBooks & Sage (200 & 50 US & UK) and custom interfaces can be created upon request, however as these cannot be monetized with advertising, these seamless interface modules are typically chargeable.

How safe is my data?

We partner with Amazon, the number 1 in cloud services. You can sleep at night.

Who uses Project Office Live?

There are not many organizations that wouldn’t benefit from Project Office Live.

Simply put, any organization where their main value is their staff & resources time and can benefit from timesheet entry, expenses entry, or scheduling & planning, Project Office Live can help.

Industry users include: aerospace, airlines, architects, banks, consultants, defense, engineers, entertainment, health care, insurance, IT, local government, loss adjusters, production studios, project managers, railways, software developers, surveyors, utilities etc.