About Project office Live

What is Project Office Live?

Project Office Live is a free cloud software service for professional services organizations, proving the following core features:

  • Time tracking
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Expenses tracking
  • Project & Customer Repository
  • Charge & Cost rating
  • Billing
  • Reporting

How come it's free? What's the catch?

There’s no catch. Like Google Docs, Skype & Dropbox, Project Office Live is free. We’ve just taken the concept of ad support and applied it to business software.

Who uses Project Office Live?

Actually, there are not many organizations that wouldn’t benefit from Project Office Live.

Any organization whose main value is their employees’ and resources’ time can benefit from the timesheet, scheduling, expenses, planning and billing features of Project Office Live.

Industry users include: aerospace, airlines, architects, banks, consultants, defense, engineers, entertainment, health care, insurance, IT, local government, loss adjusters, production studios, project managers, railways, software developers, surveyors, utilities etc.

Does Project Office Live work on Macs?

Yes, Project Office Live is 100% browser based, so it runs on all devices including: Macs, iPad & iPhone as well as Windows and Android devices.

Is it available in my country?

If you are reading this, you can use Project Office Live. The system is only available in English today, but we are working on multi-language support at the moment.

Is my data safe?

We partner with Amazon, the number 1 in cloud services, so you can sleep at night.

Why are certain features in Setup disabled?

Features such as Cost Centers, Multi-Currency, Resource Groups, Questions & Questionnaires, Custom Fields and Security are advanced features that in initial trials we found that ‘customers’ needed assistance to setup correctly.  We can put ads in our software, but we can’t launch into a soap sponsorship ad while providing help, so we’ve had to disable these features while we think of an answer.

We are considering offering these advanced features as purchase optional that include setup time. If you are interested in any of these features, please open ticket in the Forum.

Time Tracking & Timesheet Entry

Can you complete a timesheet on a mobile phone?

Yes, Project Office Live supports iPhone, Android and Windows phones as well as tablets and PCs.

We'd like to record time through Outlook, can it do this?

Yes. There is an Outlook plugin that runs within Outlook 2016, 2013 & 2010. It allows users to allocate Customer & Project details to appointments and emails, then post them to their timesheet.

(the outlook plugin is only available for Outlook for Windows as the Mac, phone and tablet versions of Outlook do not support advanced plugins)

Can I limit which projects users can book time to?

Yes you can. Administrators can control which employees can work on which projects as well as any sub levels that apply to that project.

Can we set minimum hours per day or week?

Yes, you can control these globally, and on a person by person basis. If you set minimum hours by day for a user, the background color of timesheet days are shaded red until the minimum for that day is met.

Can it tie in with our accounts software?

Yes, if your system supports CSV data import you can export data from reports.

Some systems have specific data exchange formats or interface mechanisms which require a specific interface module. We work with partners to create seamless interfaces for certain systems including QuickBooks & Sage (200 & 50 US & UK) and custom interfaces can be created upon request, however as these cannot be monetized with advertising, these seamless interface modules are typically chargeable.

Resource Scheduling

Can I view multiple employees' schedules side by side?

Yes, Project Office Live provides multii-resource views with dates running across the screen and resoures running down the page. You can scroll up and down through resources and left and right to see earlier or later bookings.

Can we color code the different types of work we schedule?

Yes, you can create what we call ‘Booking Types’, give them a name and a color for easy recognition in the view.

Can I create different views by skill, region or product stream?

Yes, you can create any number of views with different resources in them. You can also categorize resource into groups that you define, then create views by those groups.

Can we book travel time?

Yes. You can define any number of ‘Booking Types’ and color code these. Travel time is a commonly used Booking Type.

I want to see future availability.

Future availability can be viewed in a number of ways.

Availability is clearly visible in the view itself as white space represents free time. Additionally the resource view shows a handy gauge that details free hours and a bar chart of availability in future weeks. There are also availability reports, dashboards and heat maps available.

Can we do forecast planning?

There is a powerful, optional module that is available for this.

The planning module allows you to create a future plan of work that needs to be done, who or what skill is needed, and when. Planned items form a ‘schedule of works’ that can be booked as the work progresses. Items can be booked singularly or in multiples (and unbooked if they need to be altered or reassigned) and plans can be saved as templates to be re-run if the work performed is repetitive.

Can we report on utilization?

Yes, utilization reporting is built in and is a very common use of the system.

Can you drag and drop bookings?

Yes. You can drag and drop bookings to different dates, times and to different resources. When dragging to different resources, there is a ‘persistence’ feature to ensure that if a booking was made for someone with a particular skill (eg. brain surgeon) the booking cannot be dropped to someone that does not have that skill…. we wouldn’t want that now would we.

Can resources update their bookings?

Yes, if you wish. Each user has their own calendar which you can make read only or allow editing if you wish. Additionally, the system can be synced with Outlook and Google calendars.