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Coming Soon

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Project Office Live, Coming Soon

Are you ready for a the future: a revolution in business software?
Google, Facebook, Skype and most of the Apps on your phone are free. Why isn’t your project office timesheet, resource scheduling, expenses or billing system free too?
Well now it is.
We’ve taken the modern funding model of some of the largest names in software today, and applied it to every day business software. We’ve made it free.

We believe Project Office Live is the future. A powerful, scalable, fully featured system that delivers: timesheets, resource scheduling, expenses, billing and reporting for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android and Windows devices. Just like Google, as more people use our product, we make a little money through advertisements. And to attract as many users as possible, we’ve made Project Office Live good. Really, really good.

It’s fantastic, and it’s free.