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mjem9727 posted this 18 January 2017

Hi, I've been invited to join the system, and have been using it a while to fill in see my schedule and fill in my timesheet.  I have colleagues that work in other departments that I reckon could make use of this as well.  How can I add them?

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JimmyDaw937 posted this 20 January 2017

Are you an Administrator of your system? If you are then you can add them from Administration>Employees and they will receive an invite similar to yours.

mjem9727 posted this 20 January 2017

@JimmyDaw937 - nah I'm not. It was more of a general question. These other departments have a different use for their own projects and I wanted to set something up for their own use, and explore the options myself.

JimmyDaw937 posted this 20 January 2017

Ah I see, well have you tried creating your own database?  You can create your own databases via the My Databases tab They are still free so you could test / trial / model several scenarios for the different departments if you want.  You can invite people to join several so it makes trying scenarios a breeze. Good job by the POL people I reckon.

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mjem9727 posted this 20 January 2017

Awesome!.  You're right creating  my own db was straight forward, I think I'll just use one for a trial. I like the way my account was added in as the Admin.